With its location in the countryside with neighbors more than 200 meters away, its completely private swimming pool and all the shops (with DRIVE ) just 1 kilometer away, the Oréade du Verger is a vacation spot guaranteeing the greatest tranquility. We strive to install everything that could add to its security.

About reservations:

At l'Oréade du Verger, all current reservations remain valid. However, we made the decision to 100 % refund all reservations which will be canceled at the latest 1 month before the start of the rental.

Special provisions

We always strive to offer our visitors a gîte in the best possible state of cleanliness. In addition, due to events related to Covid-19, the gîte and its equipment will be meticulously and completely disinfected between each visit.

In addition hydroalcoholic gel, disinfectant wipes, disposable handkerchiefs and soap will be available.

New arrival and departure times

In order to give us sufficient time for cleaning and for the possible decontamination of the gîte between two stays, we ask our visitors not to arrive before 5 pm and kindly vacate the premises no later than 9 am on saturday morning

A warm but safe welcome

Instead of sharing refreshments, our welcome will be outside the premises with our recommendations and sharing your impressions

The visit, as well as all the advice and all the informations that could facilitate your stay will be shared with only one person inside the premises. The inventory will be in the form of a document to be given to us the day after arrival with the notification of any shortcomings or malfunctions

Some facilities

To reduce the risk of possible transmission, we have made a number of adjustments. We apologize in advance for their effects on a decoration that will appear more succinct

- We have removed all the curtains from cupboards and windows. We point out that these windows overlook absolutely no vis-à-vis.

- We provide crockery according to the number of people but with the guarantee that all of its elements have been washed at high temperature after the departure of previous visitors. Of course, additional decontaminated items will be provided on request if necessary.

- The sofas and armchairs will be presented covered with fabrics previously washed at high temperature after the departure of previous visitors

- linen and bed linen will have been changed and washed at high temperature after the departure of previous visitors

- The remotes will be protected with special pockets

During your stay

- To preserve their safety as well as that of their hosts, we ask our visitors to observe all the recommendations related to barrier gestures and to pay particular attention to the behavior of the children

Contribution to cleaning costs

- According to the doubling of cleaning hours, we ask our visitors a participation of 40 € for the entire security of the gîte.